Friday, July 8, 2011

About Time....

It's about time that I start blogging. Haven't done so in a long time! Well, we have had a few events now and our next wedding is July 30th at the Italian Community Center. This is my first time doing a wedding there so I am excited for them to see my work.

This couple will be utilizing majority of our services. They are doing chair covers, centerpieces, fresh floral pieces, back drop, up lighting for the back drop, and decor for the head table and seating table. Very excited for this one.

Finally, our new website is launched!

Thanks to the Cathy Turner (she is actually the bride whose wedding is @ the Italian Community Center).

Check it out & let me know.

I have to learn how to update the gallery since we have done a few more events that I want to also ad to the gallery! Will hope to work on that this weekend.

Be safe everyone!